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My Garage Health & Fitness Studio is different from a regular gym. We help you reach your goals with exercise classes and personal training led by passionate fitness instructors, with fun workouts that leave you smiling.

We want to be the best part of your day.

Recommit to your health.

You know it’s hard to lose weight or get fitter by yourself. You’ve tried. Well, we’ve got your back.

Get the tools you need, someone to help you, and the motivation to really do it this time with our 21 Day Challenge. If you meet your goals, you get your money back!

Our exercise classes include:

… kid classes and popup classes!

Contact us at 951-440-6173 to book your private exercise class.

Your needs are our priority

Do you want:

To lose weight? Get stronger? Train for a 5K or charity walk?
To feel welcome and appreciated?
To be in an environment full of motivation and friendliness?

Then this is your new ‘happy place:’

Our goal is to help you.


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