About My garage health & fitness studio

My Garage Fit is your ‘happy place.’ It’s the place to work towards your fitness goals while growing friendships and having a great time.

Laura Hay found something missing in other ‘gym experiences.’ When she created My Garage Health & Fitness Studio in Murrieta, California, she had a few simple goals in mind:

  • To be the place where people could get a good workout and leave with a smile on their faces
  • To encourage the team to be themselves, and not have their teaching and training dictated by management
  • To encourage social connections and friendships between instructors and members, and members and members

In many gyms and studios you walk in, take a class, and walk out, having not talked to anyone.

Here, everyone is on your side. You get support from instructors and fellow members in person, on social media…wherever and however you need it.

You are not alone.

Laura and Brad Hay