21 Day Challenge

Are you ready to jump into the new year strong? If you’re looking for a way to kick-start your nutrition and exercise, learn new habits that lead to lasting results, then this challenge is for you.

The 21-Day Habit Transformation Program and Clean Eating Plan (yes, with recipes) have a total value of over $400! They are included for free in our 21 Day Challenge, which is just $50 to enter ($90 for non-members which includes three weeks of classes). You’ll get three ways to win prize money, too!

See below for more details.

How It Works

1. Sign up for our challenge.

Then go to Nutrishop in Murrieta and get your weight and body comp measured for free.

2. Download our nutrition/habit guide and follow along.

3. Exercise.

4. Get tips and motivation along the way.


We will have one winner in each of three categories, so you’ll have more opportunities to score a prize.

Prizes: $100 to winner in each category (Most weight lost, most muscle added , most My Garage Fit classes taken).

Invite a friend to join you. They get their first 3 classes free.

Don’t miss your chance – sign up today.


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